BCh. Miraj Jamilah++++//

2008 Grey Domestic Arabian Stallion (15.1h)

Bred by Jamilah Arabians
Owned by Dahabu Arabians
Competing in 3rd Level Dressage

Miraj Jamilah is a flashy little colt with lots of charisma. He is quite a sweetie as well, just like his father. This guy loves hugs and kisses and would rather spend time with people. When Miraj was a little baby, I suppose this side of him saved Mama-Myammee from a couple of grey hairs, because he'd much rather hang out with people than mom. On top of all this, Miraj is quite handsome. He's a head turner for sure!
I must thank *Myammee for giving us such a wonderful colt for her first baby. She has surprised me with outstanding foals each year!
The name Miraj means "the place of ascent" in Arabic. Miraj Jamilah is just a tiny example of what is yet to come. He has represented his mother AND the farm just beautifully!

Albin Mandek++++ Bialas Mandek *Monogramm
Fable Winds+/ Versace
*Myammee++++/ Warandes Plakat Plakat
Malika Ibn Estasha
Waandes Nazeera


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