HOF. *Myammee +/+/+

2004 Chestnut Domestic Arabian Mare (15h)

Owned by Dahabu Arabians
Trained in 3rd Level Dressage

Warandes Plakat Plakat Aswan
Barwna Iridos
Malika Ibn Estasha Malik
Warandes Nazeera Hindi

All-Sim Hall of Fame

*Myammee has been inducted as of 12/17/2015! Here is what we found:

Show Record
2x World Champion
12x International Champion, 5x Reserve International Champion

Foal Record
Earning Over 11,000 AHAC points
3 World Championships, 1 Reserve World Championship
38 International Championships, 39 Reserve International Championships

Grand-Foal Record
Earning Over 3,000 AHAC points
1 Reserve World Championship
2 Congress Championships
2 National Championships, 1 Reserve National Championship
7 International Championships, 10 Reserve International Champions

You can view her in the Arabian Hall of Fame!

SAND Inspections

Breed and gender type: 8/10 p.
Head, neck, body: 7/10 p.
Limbs and movement regularity: 6/10 p.
Movement mechanics (walk): 6/10 p.
Movement mechanics (trot): 8/10 p.

Result: 35/50 p.
Inspected as Klass II at SAND Inspections


Show Records