SCh. HoF. Dahabu Ameer ++++/

2011 Bay Sabino Arabian Stallion (15h)

Bred by Dahabu Arabians
Competing in Sporthorse, 3rd Level Dressage

Miraj Jamilah++++/ Albin Mandek++++ Bialas Mandek
Fable Winds
*Myammee++++/ Warandes Plakat
Dahabu Amani++++/ BT Budzyk Tolek+/+/+ Lukasz+/+/+
*ZT Zafiro Negro Cielo Negro

All-Sim Evaluation

Character - 3
Temperment - 3
Ability to Work - 2
Willingness to Work - 3
General Specialty Aptitude - 17
Basic Gaits - 10
Rideability - 10
Conformation - 3
GRAND TOTAL - 51% (Preferent rating)

SAND Inspections

Type: 8/10
Conformation: 9/10
Limbs and movement regularity: 9/10
Movement mechanics, walk: 7/10
Movement mechanics, trot: 8/10
= 41/50 p.
Awarded Diplom at SAND Inspections

Inspection: Diplom/41 p
Number of foals: 4
Foal accomplishments: 0 p
Awarded G Premium at SAND Inspections

All-Sim Pedigree Inspections

Dahabu Ameer completed their basic inspection on 03-14-2016.
They passed with a percentage of 71.25%, earning the award of CLASS III.
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