Mares of all other breeds

DHH Lena D -*-+- (WCh.)
A/A Amphetamine D+ (SCh.)
A/A Diamonds For Tears D++++/ (DCh.)
A/A No Apologies D+++++ (SCh.)
A/A Rosette LAC+ (BCh.)

AT Gervina TSC (PCh.)
AT Evergreens Sailence (SCh. GCh.)
AT Sanaz MP (PCh.)
AT Sojourn SF (BCh. Ch.)

TB Hawaii Dancer*// (SCh. Ch.)
TB Misfit D
TB Twilight

WB Caravelle WF** (BCh. NCh.)
WB Eleanor D (GCh.)
WB Sanna SAND (GCh.)

SDB Riveroak's Ignorance Is Bliss
SDB WBE The Witching Hour (HoF.)

2014 A/A Skin Deep D+// (BCh.)
2014 AT Dahabu Saniya (BCh.)
2016 A/A Diamonds Are Forever D+
2016 A/A RWR Lost Realist+
2016 A/A Softengine D++++