HoF. Rwy'n Siocledaidd

2009 Chocolate Palomino Welsh Pony Mare (13h, ee/aa/CCr/StySty)

Owned by Dahabu Arabians
Competing in Driving

Griashall Kiwi Lemonshill Great Occasion Cottrell Artiste
Baughurst Constellation
Laithehill Pirouette Abercrychan Spectator
Laithehill Pavlova
Weemhoeves Mariska T Hogelands Ferdinand Woldbergs Jeroen
Woldbergs Sopraan
Berkenhorst Blanche Woldbergs Bart
Ijsselvliedts Beatrix

All-Sim Evaluation

Conformation - 14
Type - 8
Walk In-Hand - 6
Swing & Elasticity of Gaits - 4
Correctness of Gaits - 14
Overall Impression - 2
GRAND TOTAL = 48% (Star rating)


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