HoL. SCh. Melina Vegas +/+/+

2010 Bay Arabian Warmblood Mare (16.1h, EE/Aa)

Bred by Las Vegas
Owned by Dahabu Arabians / Sanna P. (VRL-01124)
Competing in Fourth Level Dressage/Sporthorse
FIN syntymäaika 01.10.2013

Music's Macèo Sultan I Deverce Sultan's Harem
Violet Lupin
Mystical Avenue Second Cloud
Hey Jolie
Dahabu Storm Olympos Campiglion Olympos Colombino
Milossi Belloni
ST Sunlight Fighter Silverfighter

All-Sim Evaluation

Conformation - 13
Type - 12
Walk In-Hand - 4
Swing & Elasticity of Gaits - 10
Correctness of Gaits - 18
Overall Impression - 8
GRAND TOTAL - 65% (Premier rating)

ASDA Evaluation

Conformation & Presence: 4
Movement & Rhythym: 9
Ability & Rideability: 10
Breeding Suitability: 8
Overall Impression: 10
Total Points Awarded: 41

APPROVED! Breeding Premium Rating; inducted into studbook.

SAND Inspections

Breed and gender type: 9/10 p.
Head, neck, body: 9/10 p.
Limbs and movement regularity: 7/10 p.
Movement mechanics (walk): 6/10 p.
Movement mechanics (trot): 9/10 p.

Result: 40/50 p.
Inspected as Diplom at SAND Inspections

Diplom/40 p
1 foals
0 points
Awarded G Premium at SAND Inspections

All-Sim Pedigree Inspections

Melina Vegas completed their basic inspection on 03-14-2016.
They passed with a percentage of 73.75%, earning the award of CLASS III.
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