Dahabu Arabians

HOF. Makenzie D++++/

AHAC Legion of Supreme Excellence
AHAC Champion Half-Arabian Foal of the Year 2008
ASSA Hall of Fame
2nd Prize in Finnish Sim-Studbook

2005 Black National Show Horse Mare (15.3h)
Bred by Dahabu Arabians
Competing in Park (retired from showing)
FIN d.o.b. July 20th, 2008. Aging modified to "year per year"


VIR MVA Ch Escape Header
Escape Valour
Head Waiter
Modem Moderately
Escape Shadiness
Escape Shimmer
VIR MVA Ch Haley Gi++
Wing Genius
Wing Trigger
Hail Mary
KR My Fair Lady
King Ace
KR Malwina


NCh. Dahabu Mary Janes+++ - 2010 filly (by *C Armani++++)
Montana D+/ 01.05.2011 filly (by *C Armani++++)
Kynzee D+/ 2012 filly (by Dahabu Iwan++++/)
Dahabu Charming Minx 2013 filly (by MM This Dreamers Charm)


14.08.2008 Raven Ratsutila - Varsat aikuiskuvilla = LKV2/10, irtoSERT, JS (tuom. Emmi L.)


Makenzie kantakirjattiin 30.10.2009 hevostammojen ylimääräisessä kantakirjaustilaisuudessa seuraavin arvosteluin:
- pysty lapa
18 + 19 + 17 + 18 = 71p. / KTK II

All-Sim Evaluation

Conformation - 10
Type - 5
Walk In-Hand - 7
Swing & Elasticity of Gaits - 4
Correctness of Gaits - 18
Overall Impression - 2
GRAND TOTAL - 46% (Star rating)

Show Records