HoL. GCh. Dahabu Deryn +/+/+

2010 Palomino German Riding Pony Mare (14.2h) [ee/Aa/nCr]

Bred and Owned by Dahabu Arabians
Competing in Second Level Dressage (junior)

UCh. GCh. U Valentin
DIPLOM (42p.) German Riding Pony
ASHoF. UCh. Ch. U Uxariean
DIPLOM (41p.), AB Premium
FS Golden Moonlight
Cindy Lou
U Wilca Kooihuster Wessel
Dahabu Doppleganger++ BT Budzislaw++++ Atticus+/+/+
*S Dobroslawa++++ Viena Bando++++/
El Europa+//

ASDA Evaluation

Conformation & Presence: 5
Movement & Rhythym: 5
Ability & Rideability: 8
Breeding Suitability: 9
Overall Impression: 7
Total Points Awarded: 34

APPROVED! Breeding Approval Rating inducted into studbook.

All-Sim Evaluation

Conformation - 18
Type - 16
Walk In-Hand - 10
Swing & Elasticity of Gaits - 10
Correctness of Gaits - 8
Overall Impression - 10
GRAND TOTAL - 72% (Premier rating)

SAND Inspections

Breed and gender type: 8/10 p.
Head, neck, body: 9/10 p.
Limbs and movement regularity: 6/10 p.
Movement mechanics (walk): 7/10 p.
Movement mechanics (trot): 8/10 p.

Result: 38/50 p.
Inspected as Klass I at SAND Inspections


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