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BCh. NCh. HoL. Illan Vilkeri

2007 Grey Finnhorse Stallion (15.1h)

Bred by Malin Lehtonen
Imported by Bino VRL-03910
Owned by Dahabu Arabians
Competing in Jumping (3'3), Driving

Illan Vilkeri is a funny little chap. I had him imported from Finland, mainly to bring in some newer genes as well as the rare grey color of the Finnhorse. He's more than just smashing looks, though! He's a very honest and an intelligent horse. Just as a Finnhorse should be. He's a hard worker, never complains, always does his best. I swear, this horse never has a bad day! On top of his super temperament, he's a really fun all around horse. You can ride him on the trails, in the ring, doesn't make any bit of difference to him. Jump him, ride a dressage test, then hook him up and go driving! One of our favorite winter activities are the sleigh rides. Not only is it fun, it's a great way to condition your horse! Besides...that's what these Finnhorses were made for! I can't say enough about this young man. I really think his future holds great things!

Virtalammen Viljami Into Jeremias
Silverbackas Karla
Aallon Heljä Timperi
Iltarusko Valmeri K.S. Kavaljeeri
Sinitähti Grahn Ruuben

All-Sim Evaluation

Character - 3
Temperment - 4
Ability to Work - 5
Willingness to Work - 2
General Specialty Aptitude - 19
Basic Gaits - 15
Rideability - 13
Conformation - 10
GRAND TOTAL - 71% (Premier rating)

Black Type Evaluation Station

Conformation & Presence: 8/10 Points
Discipline Suitability: 8/10 Points
Disposition & Trainability: 8/10 Points
Movement & Rhythm: 7/10 Points
Ability & Rideability: 8/10 Points
Breeding Suitability: 8/10 Points
Overall Impression: 8/10 Points

Scored 55/70 Points -- Class I Breeding Rated


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