How RiverOak started

RiverOak Gaited horses was originally established in October of 2008 by Sanna and Hayfa bint Abd-Al-Kadar. We had been working together on the Arabian breed for several years. I sparked an interest in gaited horses, especially the Saddlebreds, so we decided to put our heads together and start a farm for the breed. Our goal was (and still is!) to breed quality horses for show and breeding purposes as well as pleasure use. Back in 2008, the plan was to help Saddlebred become more common in the Finnish sim world. It wasn't easy, but I think we made a dent!

Thanks to the very hard working girls of All-Sim Saddleseat Association (ASSA) and the new registry, Sanna decided to bring the farm back to life early 2013. Some horses were sold, most remained.

Keep your fingers crossed for us! We're excited to see what the future brings!